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Dream specializes in the optimized design, engineering and in-house production of its disruptive technology bubble-free zeroDELTA-lightweight mirror blanks (25mm to 1.1m), as well as finishing of lightweight optical mirrors & sets. Dream's level of engineering, innovation and process control offers our customers an enabling technology with unparalleled performance, including low MSF and low surface roughness.

Dream also produces athermal carbon fiber mirror mounts & cutting-edge athermal full optical assemblies.


"Your company does phenomenal work. There is a lot of thought and heart that goes into your products. Dream's engineering sets their lightweight mirrors apart from competitors. Your engineering goes beyond the lightweight aspect. You focus on actual performance!"
- Ted Kamprath
39 years in professional optics, using everything from million dollar test rooms to 144" Continuous Polishers.

During the coldest weather in at least 25 years, Dream finishes two more zeroDELTA mirrors in its extremely stable polishing & testing room. Click the image to see amazing videos.



True Performance Doesn't Fear Change. It Defies The Status Quo.

zeroDELTA enables our customers through SWaP-C; Size, Weight & Power, Cost:

* Elimination of quality-robbing boundary-layer mirror seeing,

* Elimination of figure-distortion caused by internal temperature gradients,
making zeroDELTA mirrors process & finish to zero-expansion levels.

* Maintain today's tight optical alignment tolerances through Dream's
mirrors being 1/3 to 1/6 the mass of solid mirrors.

* Faster slews, better tracking performance and higher throughput due to
lower inertia of the total instrument.

* Dream's level of engineering & mechanical performance does not force
the use of expensive finishing techniques and/or technologies.

All of the above at 6-10x lower cost than pocket-milled zero-expansion mirrors.

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Lightweight Cassegrain optical sets can be finished to CC, D-K or R-C.

Moon used to quantify

telescope performance

"We shall look back and see how inefficient, how primitive it was to work with thick, solid mirrors, obsolete mirror-curves, ..."

- George Willis Ritchey 1928

JRASC, Vol. XXII, No. 9, November 1928.

Optifab: Rochester, NY. RJ in the Schott booth with two Dream zeroDELTA™ mirror blanks (left) and Don in 4D Technologies booth with the NanoCam Sq on top of a 400mm Dream zeroDELTA™ mirror; 9.5 lbs (right).

Dream's zeroDELTA.mirrors are enabling the future a modern ground, air and space with next generation performance.

From concave to convex to plano ellipses, small to large, fully generated mirror blanks to finished & coated zeroDELTA high-performance mirrors in dedicated athermal carbon fiber mirrors mounts. Contact Dream.


European manufacturer receives Dream 25cm zeroDELTAfully generated mirror blank.

"Can I say: holy cow!! This looks awesome!!"

Q u a l i t y

S t a r t s

A t

T h e

S u b s t r a t e

16" f2 IR carbon fiber telescope with gold-coated lightweight mirrors.

Dream mirror finished to higher quality level than Hubble Space Telescope's M2

This hyperboloidal convex secondary mirror (M2) was part of a Dream 24" Ritchey-Chrétien telescope for a NASA project.

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Dream delivers a fast & demanding 300mm CA f3 finished & coated Ritchey-Chrétien optical set.

Dream casts and fully processes a bubble-free f1.376 mirror for an Adaptive Optics project. The mirror is six times lower in areal density than Hubble's M1.



QED Optics displays Dream mirror at SPIE's Photonics West

Designing, Engineering & Using Lightweight Mirrors Since 2003

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