Understand The Benefits Of Dream's Engineered Lightweight Mirrors

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The photographs on this page show a 2nd gen 24" (60cm) Dream engineered lightweight mirror blank that was debuted at a trade show. The blank can be cast with or without a perforation. Dream does everything in-house, from the initial design and engineering iterations to generation, grinding and polishing. Dream can also design and fabricate a dedicated carbon fiber mirror support, or an entire carbon fiber telescope. Dream has been at the forefront of both of these lightweight technologies since 2003.

Two 24" mirror blanks prior to shipping them out.

28 pounds each

Physical OD: 24.375" (619mm).

Q u a l i t y

S t a r t s

A t

T h e

S u b s t r a t e

28 pounds

Dream's engineered designs don't look like anything you've seen because they aren't like anything you have seen. The level of engineering in these much more efficient 3D shapes is truly second to none in the world. One of the benefits of Dream's extensive engineering and empirical experience is our ability to reduce print through to such small levels that the optics can be worked conventionally.

Because they can much more rapidly follow ever-changing ambient temperatures, they can allow higher quality at the focal plane, due to greatly reduced mirror seeing and tube currents.

Because of their low mass and high stiffness, Dream mirrors make it easier for telescopes to maintain collimation all-sky.

Click the image to the right to see a telescope using Dream mirrors and the amazing all-sky performance it achieves.

All cellular blanks are designed, engineered, cast and annealed in-house at Dream. Let our expertise in lightweight optical mirrors bring your project and company into the 21st century.




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