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April 2016 - three lightweight, coated plano ellipses: 6" x 8.5", 1.5 pounds. Click on image to see other plano mirrors.

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Bubble-free 14.5" Cassegrain optical sets in stock - April 2016.

Can be finished to CC, D-K, R-C or modified Cassegrain designs.

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Dream specializes in the optimized design, engineering and in-house production of bubble-free lightweight mirror blanks, as well as finishing of lightweight optical mirrors and optical sets.

Dream's level of engineering, innovation and process control offers unparalleled performance, including low MSF errors, to our customers.

Dream's lightweight optical mirrors offer:
* Elimination of quality-robbing mirror seeing, which is a centuries old problem with solid mirrors.
* Maintain tighter optical alignment tolerances that are a must for modern optical designs. This produces higher system performance because Dream's mirrors are 1/3 to 1/4 the mass of solid mirrors.
* Faster slews, better tracking performance and higher throughput due to lower inertia of the total instrument.
* Less down time because their lower mass means faster removal and re-installation after recoating.

If your smart phone upgrades every three months, do you really believe you are getting the ultimate in performance from 350 year old solid mirror technology?

"We shall look back and see how inefficient, how primitive it was to work with thick, solid mirrors, obsolete mirror-curves, ..."
- George Willis Ritchey 1928
From the book "Mirror Mirror" by Mark Pendergrast

Q u a l i t y

S t a r t s

A t

T h e

S u b s t r a t e

Click below to see Zygo data of a finished plano elliptical Dream mirror.

Dream mirror finished to higher quality level than Hubble Space Telescope's M2

This hyperboloidal convex secondary mirror (M2) was part of a Dream 24" Ritchey-Chrétien telescope for a NASA project.

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Dream delivers a fast & demanding 300mm CA f3 Ritchey-Chrétien optical set.

Dream directly casts and fully processes a bubble-free f1.376 mirror for an Adaptive Optics project. The mirror is six times lower in areal density than Hubble's M1.





QED Optics displays Dream mirror at SPIE's Photonics West

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